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    Vannamei White Shrimp (frozen shrimp and fresh shrimp) shell

    Product Introduction

    The shell removing machine is mainly designed for white shrimp (frozen and fresh shrimps). As the world's most advanced shell removing machine today, it is characterized by an advanced idea of shell removing, numerical control, and a combination of machinery and electronics. The device is user friendly, reliable, stable and efficient, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources and comprehensively improve the modern management of an enterprise.

    Comparisons between a shell removing machine and labor:

    I. Saving labor

    Each group of machines has a production capacity of 200KG-250KG/h, which can replace roughly 40 workers.

    II. Hygienic

    With a high automation degree, and free of cross contamination as often happens in manual operation, it can significantly improve the hygiene and reliability of products.

    III. Time saving

    The machine can run continually with an efficiency times that of manual operation, but with a more reliable quality.

    IV. Scientific management

    With a high automation degree, the machine can easily improve the level of modernization of the enterprise and be connected to realize digitization.

    V. Cost saving

    As proved by practice, a group of machines can save a daily expenditure of 10,000 to 15,000 Yuan.

    Output and finished product yield of the shell removing machine

    1. Output: 200KG-250KG/hour (the speed can be adjusted according to the needs)

    2. Suitable for: 20-500 shrimps/500g (with fresh and frozen shrimps as raw materials)

    3. Finished product yield:

    Shrimps with head on

    a. 70 shrimps/500g   b. 90 shrimps/500g  c. 110 shrimps/500g  approximately 56% on average

    Be-headed shrimps

    a. 71-90 shrimps/500g  b. 91-110 shrimps/500g  c. 110-130 shrimps/500g  d. 130-150 shrimps/500g  e. 100-200 shrimps/500g

    Approximately 85% on average

    Note: But the above figures cannot be taken as a rigid standard, for it is also influenced by quality of raw materials, cleaning standard and operating skills.