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    Deep-sea fishing industry of Fujian witnessed a rapid development, ranked top in China for foreign exchange earnings through export

    Readings:1992017-04-17 09:49:31 

    Reported by China News Fuzhou on January 15 (Yu Ting). The reporter learned from the Rural Area Working Conference of Fujian convened in Fuzhou on January 15 that the deep-sea fishing industry of Fujian witnessed a rapid development in 2014, which witnessed an increase of 101 ocean fishing vessels, with an output of deep-sea fishing at 243,000 tons and a total output value of 3.01 billion Yuan, both of which had grown over 20% year on year. The foreign exchange earnings from exports exceeded 5.3 billion US dollars, which secured the first position in China.

    According to statistics, the construction of modern fisheries in Fujian has made distinctive achievements. As disclosed by the Ocean and Fishery Department of Fujian, in 2014, Fujian was estimated to achieve a total output value of fishery economy of 232.9 billion Yuan (RMB, the same below), with a growth of 6% year on year; and the total output of aquatic products was 6.98 million tons, ranked the third in China.

    At present, Fujian has put on its agenda to speed up the construction of the first batch of projects of China-ASEAN marine cooperation fund and the organization, application and implementation of the second batch, trying to build a "China-ASEAN Fishery Cooperation & Fishery Products Trading Platform" to stabilize the export of aquatic products; it will continue to make efforts to develop deep-sea fishing, expand the opening up of fishery to achieve a year-on-year growth goal of 6% in total output value of fishery economy in 2015.

    The principal of Fujian Ocean and Fishery Department said, in 2015 Fujian will focus on development of deep-sea fishing, newly add 50-plus deep-sea fishing all year round at home and consolidate the deep-sea fishing projects in Southeastern Asia such as Indonesia and Myanmar, strengthen the high seas such as Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean and develop fishery resources of countries such as Madagascar Tanzania.

    Meanwhile, Fujian will make continuous efforts in areas such as construction of modern fishery industry parks, development of leisure fishery and expansion of aquatic products processing industry and will depict a "blueprint of fishery industry" in 2015 by establishing "water-town fishery village" leisure fishery base, running Fuzhou Fishery Week and Xiamen Leisure Fishery Expo and building an e-commerce platform of aquatic products.

    According to the Development Plan of Fujian for Fishery Overseas (2014-2020) issued at the end of 2014, by 2020, the number of ocean fishing vessels of Fujian will increase to 850, with an annual output of 750,000 tons and an output value of 10 billion Yuan. It will build 10-15 overseas farming bases, with an annual output of 150,000 tons and an output value of 2.1 billion Yuan. It will build 8 deep-sea fishery bases in the province and 15 fishery bases abroad.

    Fujian will also plan a batch of overseas farming projects, build a batch of aquatic product farming bases with an area of over 10,000 mu in Southeastern Asian countries and promote the construction of ASEAN Fishing Vessels Inspection Center. It is anticipated that the modern fishery will "go into the world" with firmer steps.