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    Quanzhou of Fujian took the initiative to introduce a new species of fish from Taiwan in China

    Readings:3692017-04-17 09:50:29 

    "In the spring festival this year, the principals of Taiwan Apollo Bio-technology Co., Ltd. arrived in Quanzhou and signed local Taiwan Peasants Innovation Park and became the 11th Taiwan-funded enterprise that settled in the park." Related principals of fisheries department of Quanzhou said, the R&D team of Apollo Company has spent several years in developing a new species of Hongmei, and wished to promote and develop the new species by the aid of the vast market of Chinese mainland and the preferential policies of Taiwan Peasants Innovation Park.

    "This kind of new fish tastes as tender as grouper, but also has the resistance to diseases like Tilapia. It is convenient to be farmed by farmers and its price is affordable to customers." Technicians of Apollo Company said, that Taiwan Hongmei integrates advantages of tropical fish and frigid zone fish, which grows fast, with a high commercial value, suitable for farming in fresh and sea water. During the early stage after the project is put into operation, it's expected to achieve an annual output of 10 million young Hongmei fishes, with an output value of 6-8 million Yuan. Before choosing to settle in the Taiwan Peasants Innovation Park in Quanzhou, they have inspected Taiwan Peasants Innovation Parks in other provinces, but finally been attracted by the special management mode here. (reported by Wang Guowen)